Sport safety

Children passing ball
Playing it safe
Volume 7 Number 2
Creating a safe and positive environment for children at every level of sport in Australia is the aim of new safety guidelines developed by Sports Medicine Australia.
Surf Life Saving
Work, rest and fatigue - Survey of Surf Life Saving Australia officials at the National Championships in 2003
Volume 4 Number 1
Surf Life Saving Australia was concerned that officials were working long hours and getting little rest especially during major competitions, so a questionnaire was developed to gauge work, rest, and fatigue of officials at the 2003 national Surf Life Saving Australia tournament.
Water station at a triathalon
Heat illness can get YOU too!
Volume 4 Number 2
Recently, the Australian media has been full of horror stories involving adverse outcomes from playing sport and exercising in hot weather.
Cycling crash
The emergency action plan
Volume 3 Number 1
Would you know what to do in an emergency?
Judo in action
Top ten tips for risk management for officials
Volume 2 Number 2
The goal of each sports official should be to recognise and remove every hazard, that is reasonably within their control. Sports officials should take the initiative and implement safe practices and risk-management strategies.  Not only will this provide a safe environment for your sport but also it will reduce the risk of liability for sporting injuries.

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