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Twitter broadens officials communication horizons
Volume 8 Number 1
Twitter can keep officials informed of match appointments and other developments.
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Online course for officials released
Volume 7 Number 1
The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) has released a new online course for officials. The online Introductory Officiating General Principles course is designed to assist beginner level officials and covers three modules of training; Self Management, Managing the Competition Environment and People Management.
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Web pages for beginner coaches and officials
Volume 6 Number 1
To assist new coaches and officials in their role, the Australian Sports Commission, in conjunction with State Departments of Sport and Recreation, has developed a series of web pages for new coaches and officials. 
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Decision Coach Review for Officials
Volume 5 Number 2
Research over the last decade has highlighted that aspects of decision-making skills can be developed out of the competition environment through interactive video-based approaches.
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Video analysis for self assessment by officials
Volume 5 Number 1
The use of video analysis for ongoing performance review and assessment is not as widely used by officials as it might be.  There are many aspects of officiating performance that can reap significant benefits from post-event review by video analysis. 

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