Web pages for beginner coaches and officials

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Author:  Australian Sports Commission
Issue: Volume 6 Number 1

Every year, many people, parents in particular, find themselves appointed to the position of coach or official of a sporting team, often by default as there was no one else who would volunteer to do it.  Most officials are seeking information to assest them to do the best job that they can for the participants.

To assist new coaches and officials in their role, the Australian Sports Commission, in conjunction with State Departments of Sport and Recreation, has developed a series of web pages for new coaches and officials. 

The Tools and Tips for New Coaches and Officials web pages can be found at www.ausport.gov.au/participating/officials/tools. They contain practical information and tools aimed at the beginner coach and official.  The web pages have been designed so that the coach or official can download and print the various documents to take away and use in their coaching or officiating role.  There is also information for clubs on ways to recruit and retain coaches and officials. 

The web pages contain the following information and more:

  • ‘Survival pack’ information for new coaches – information on planning, managing groups, working with parents, managing children’s behaviour and more
  • ‘Survival pack’ information for new officials – information on officiating for the first time, safety, managing conflict when officiating and more
  • Templates for coaches – session plan template, player attendance and medical history forms, injury record form and more
  • Templates for officials – incident report form, season planner, and more
  • Activity cards – game cards suitable for a range of sports
  • Information for clubs – on recruiting and retaining coaches and officials
  • Further information –  including articles and web links.

The 'Survival Pack' information provided for new officials will assist them to undertake their role more effectively.  The fact sheets contain the following information:

  • what is expected of a volunteer official
  • officiating for the first time - checklist
  • safety and risk management for officials
  • communicating with participants and coaches
  • managing conflict
  • dealing with abuse from spectators and others
  • working with other officials
  • child protection for officials
  • officiating children
  • inclusive practices for officials
  • becoming an accredited official

Officiating is not just about the on-field role of communicating, decision making and rules interpretation.  Officials also need to plan, keep records of incidents and self-evaluate their performance.  The following templates and forms are available on the 'Templates for officials' web age and will assist an official in managing their off-field role:

  • season planner for officials
  • incident report template
  • self-evaluation questionnaire
  • risk management planner.

The pages are easily accessible from the web site, so why not go and check them out and direct new officials to the site or share your favourite pages with them. 


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