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Sport has unique attributes that enable it to contribute to development processes.

Its popularity, its capacity as a communication platform, its potential to set the foundation for healthy child development and its ability to connect people, make it a development tool that can be used to meet a range of objectives. 

Sport itself cannot solve the development issues of a region, but it should be an important component of any comprehensive development program.

The direct result of developing the capacity of organisations and individuals to organise and partake in sport meets many development objectives.

If it can be shown that quality sports programs increase individuals’ ability to organise, lead, network, communicate, co-operate, administer, evaluate, self determine, become more active, inform each other and develop a sense of responsibility and fair play, then there is a strong argument for the support of sport from a development perspective

In March 2013 the Australian Sports Commission – through the Australian Sports Outreach program (ASOP), commissioned the production of a video on Development through Sport, based on the diverse and dynamic work being undertaken in India. The film highlights sport as a proven tool in mitigating inequities in the accessibility and availability of basic rights for millions of children.

This video visually represents  how sport is contributing to key development outcomes under the themes of education, social cohesion, health, disability, gender inclusion and social change.

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Australia's most successful Olympic event is the Men's 1500m Freestyle.

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