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Australian Institute of Sport

A/g Director, Australian Institute of Sport: Matti Clements

The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) mission is to lead and enable a united high performance system that supports Australian athletes/teams to achieve podium success.

The AIS drives and enables success in part through a collaborative strategic high performance investment approach to sports and athletes.

Programs within the Australian Institute of Sport

AIS Operations

Director: Robert Medlicott

Provides the organisational platform for the AIS to deliver its strategy including targeted world-class programs at the Canberra and European Training Centre sites that provide unique, impactful services to the high performance system. This includes national sporting organisation camps, pre-elite programs, centres of excellence, altitude/environment programs and complex rehabilitation.

People Development and Wellbeing

A/g Director: Sonya Thompson

The vision of the People Wellbeing and Engagement Section is for Australian athletes to learn, thrive and contribute to the community during their time in high performance sport and life afterwards.

The team leads and supports Australia’s sporting industry to understand that a successful high performance culture relies on athletes finding the right balance between wellbeing, engagement in activities outside of training and competition, and the requirements of their elite sport. A cornerstone of this work is the development, with NSOs, an Athlete and Wellbeing Framework unique to each sport which outlines a model of service delivery to support the wellbeing of all athletes within the high performance system.

Sport Strategy and Investment

Director: Alex Newton

Drives and enables the strategic and transparent allocation of total integrated resources and investment through a collaborative, evidence and principles-based approach to sports and athletes.

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