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Sport Division

General Manager: Brooke De Landre

The Sport Division delivers national programs and develops resources to encourage more Australians to be involved in sport. The Division also supports capability building and collaboration across the sport sector and plays a central coordination and engagement role for the ASC. This is done through:

  • Undertaking sector insights and market research to ensuring evidence-based decision making informs policies and programs.
  • Coordinating The Clearinghouse for Sport  – Australian sport’s dedicated information and knowledge sharing platform.
  • Developing resources and programs that drive greater involvement and participation in organised sport across Australia.
  • Supporting sports to improve their business operations through best practice governance principles and organisational enhancement projects.
  • Managing all ministerial and parliamentary engagement for the ASC.
  • Leading media and marketing to amplify the value of Australian sport.
  • Generating sponsorship revenue for the ASC and providing commercial partnership expertise to support sports.
  • Collaborating with strategic partners across industry, government, not-for-profit, technology and academia to support shared priorities.
  • Delivering innovative digital solutions to build capability and connectivity across the sector.

Programs within Sport Division


Deputy General Manager: Cameron French

The Participation Branch oversees the strategy and investment to increase the number of Australians involved in organised sport. Priority projects include Sporting Schools - the Australia Governments flagship participation program for children; Participation and Infrastructure Grants - targeted funding to deliver participation and infrastructure outcomes; Participation Growth - working with national sporting organisations (NSOs) to build participation workforce capability, Inclusion Initiatives - seeking to make sport more welcoming and inclusive and Participation Toolkits - developing tools, resources and templates to support organisations of all sizes to improve their performance.

Industry Capability

Deputy General Manager: Kate Corkery

The Industry Capability Branch lead, enable and invest in NSO business performance. Support is provided through Governance and Organisation Enhancement - development of world-class governance principles and advising the sector on implementation of good governance; Sport Workforce Advisory – building the workforce capabilities across the sector through programs like Women Leading in Sport Grants, a new and modernised Learning Management System including a revitalised Coaching and Officiating framework and training courses, an inaugural Sport Director Online education course; and Sport Financial Advisory – promoting and fostering improved financial oversight and capability across the sector.

Knowledge, Insights and Digital Services

Deputy General Manager: Gavin Reynolds

The Knowledge, Insights and Digital Branch is responsible for delivering a number of the ASC’s leading initiatives including the Clearinghouse for Sport—the information and knowledge sharing platform for Australia sport, that produces our Daily Sports News update;  AusPlay—the authoritative annual participation survey of Australians; the National Sport Research Agenda — identifying research opportunities and priorities, and expanding the evidence base for Australian sport; and, managing the digital experience of our customers so they can more easily engage with the ASC's websites, digital platforms and apps.

Ministerial, Media and Marketing

Deputy General Manager: Fiona Boughton

The Ministerial, Media and Marketing Branch manages the central coordination and engagement functions for the ASC and is responsible for leading external and internal communications for the organisation. The teams play a critical role in telling the positive stories of sport to inspire an active Australia via resource and product development, social media and digital communications, media and ministerial and government relations.

Commercial Partnerships

Director: Kelvin McAlpine

The Commercial Partnerships team provides commercial partnership and sponsorship expertise to support sports and is responsible for managing the ASC’s portfolio of corporate sponsors.

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