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Many Australian sportsmen and women aspire to gain a scholarship at the Australian Institute of Sport, but comparatively few achieve this honour.

The number of athletes who have passed through the AIS since it opened in 1981 is over 4,400. However, for many athletes, the day they complete their scholarship marks the end of their involvement with the AIS.

When Martin Roberts (Swimming 1986-1996) wrote to John Boultbee (AIS Director - 1996-2000) in 1996 and proposed that the institute look at establishing a formal association open to all former athletes, coaches and staff, discussion began on the formation of the AIS Alumni.

The AIS is a place where people give of themselves in the pursuit of excellence. Friendship, laughter and tears are all a part of this - it is a place worthy of tradition.

The AIS Alumni has been formed to enable all former AIS scholarship holders, coaches and staff to retain a connection with, and interest in, the AIS - and allow the AIS to keep in contact with them.


  • To promote an ongoing tradition among scholarship athletes and staff of pride in the AIS
  • Disseminate information about current AIS activities to AIS Alumni
  • Encourage public support for the AIS through those who have benefited from their association with the AIS
  • Maintaining a level of support and benefits to athlete alumni
  • Encourage AIS sports to continue to involve AIS alumni in their programs

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