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Achieving Australia's Winning Edge

Investing for success

The driving principle behind our investment approach to high performance sport is to ensure that the resources available are positioned to support Australia’s most talented athletes. It is equally important that we strive to have a strong and sustainable high performance sector to ensure Australia continues to deliver success into the future.

A set of transparent investment principles coupled with an approach that aligns performance investment with outcomes will be at the heart of Australia's Winning Edge.

Investments will be prioritised to sports that demonstrate the greatest chance of short, medium and long-term success. Decisions will be based on credible evidence that takes into account recent performances and future potential, along with understanding the systems that will drive performance outcomes.

Investing for success means:

  • restore and grow — investing to ensure we continue to restore and grow our position in those sports where we have a record of achieving success

  • enhancing and securing — investing in prospective sports where the performance evidence suggests that while Australia may have had limited success in the past, there is an opportunity to achieve greater success aligned to our performance aspirations in the future

  • supporting and accelerating — investing in emerging sports that demonstrate Australia has a reasonable prospect of achieving future success.

Planning to perform

Subject to performance, funding will be ongoing and not limited to four-year cycles. It will be subject to a robust annual performance review through agreed goals and benchmarked against world’s best practice.

The Annual Sport Performance Review will provide an opportunity to align the investment thinking and decisions of all partners, and apply objective criteria across all sports and jurisdictions. Individual sports and system partners will be provided with high performance planning support as part of achieving sustainable success.

Sector partners, including sports, have a shared responsibility to deliver performance outcomes and all will be accountable for their roles in delivering success.

The right support

Providing the necessary support to Australia's current high performers as well as emerging podium potential athletes is central to achieving international success. Our ambition is to ensure that athletes have the right support at the right time along their pathway.

Delivering tangible support direct to athletes to enable a commitment to pursue sporting excellence is a priority.

Good governance and capability to deliver

The high performance sector recognises the importance of achieving sustainable sporting success. Key to this are the people, the systems and a culture of excellence.

Confidence in the leadership capacity and capability of sports — particularly in relation to management, governance, internal controls and business systems — is acknowledged as being critical. Sports will be required to demonstrate good leadership, governance and administration as part of the annual investment and review process.

Important areas of capability will include:

  • athlete pathways
  • high performance coaching
  • leadership and governance
  • performance services and systems.

National support programs in these areas will be based on world’s best practice and developed to address identified national themes.

Evidence-based decisions

A requirement across sport will be the need to make decisions based on clear performance evidence.
The application of an evidence-based approach supported by quality analysis will flow through in the following areas:

  • investment decision making
  • performance planning, analysis and accountability
  • resourcing and projects in the applied research and innovation domain.

An applied research and innovation agenda will provide a robust evidence base for the ongoing development and resourcing of the system. This will assist with the validation of investment as well as support world-leading program design, delivery and evaluation.

This approach will also contribute to the development and growth of collaborative relationships between the sports sector and leading research and technology institutions.

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