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High performance 3

High performance (Paralympic) 3

Total investment 2013–14: $8,506,400
(high performance: $6,570,000; high performance - para: $1,630,000; participation: $296,400; other: $10,000)
ASC funding as a percentage of total income: 67.1%(uses budgeted revenue 2013/14)

The Athletics Australia (AA) results at the world championships in 2013 were largely in line with expectations but there remains a need to improve depth and build consistency at major events. The Paralympic team performed close to expectations but narrowly missed gold medals in a number of events. Positive changes to the high performance structure and strategic plan are being implemented.

In 2013 AA and Little Athletics Australia (LAA) worked closely with the ASC to progress a merger. A Heads of Agreement (HoA) was developed and endorsed unanimously by the board of AA with very strong support from its members. However, the board of LAA voted against the HoA in December and consequently there is not a single national entity for athletics. While the divided governance model remains a significant barrier to the sport’s long-term success and sustainability, AA has made progress in other governance areas in the past year and is generally in line with the ASC’s mandatory governance principles.

There have been increases in the number of full active participants, coaches and officials in the past year. Progress is still required in a number of key participation initiatives such as junior pathway, club capability, workforce development and data collection.

2013 benchmark event // world championships

Medal target: 2 to 4

Actual: gold 0 silver 2 bronze 1 total 3

2013 benchmark event — Paralympic // world championships

Medal target: 20 to 25

Actual: gold 4 silver 6 bronze 13 total 23

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