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Total investment 2013–14: $904,000
(high performance: $850,000; participation: $54,000)
ASC funding as a percentage of total income: 69.5%

The sport continues to have difficulty retaining athletes after the Olympic cycle and had a disappointing performance at the world championships in 2013. Boxing Australia (BA) is in the process of appointing a new head coach. Significant work is required to improve coaching more broadly and to fast-track individual athlete development in their high performance system. The new AIS Combat Centre will assist this development by adding value to the athlete pathway.

BA has implemented several changes in line with the ASC’s mandatory governance principles, including registering as a company limited by guarantee. Further work remains to be done in governance, as outlined in a whole-of-sport review that was facilitated by the ASC.

While BA has not traditionally prioritised participation growth due to a lack of resources, the organisation is currently researching participation product offerings and is working on information and communication technology (ICT) improvements to collect improved data about the sport.

2013 benchmark event // world championships - men

Medal target:

Non-medal target achieved: No

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