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High performance 3

High performance (Paralympic) 3

Total investment 2013–14: $3,909,431
(high performance: $3,576,431; high performance — para: $225,000; participation: $108,000)
ASC funding as a percentage of total income: 55.9% (uses Budgeted Revenue 2013/14)

Australian Canoeing (AC) has recently implemented an enhanced coaching structure in the sprint and slalom disciplines. While performances at the world championships were slightly below expectations, there were encouraging signs for medal opportunities in the future, particularly in the men’s 1000-metre events. The sport has benefited from strong and unified national high performance leadership over a number of years. Para canoe is a new sport on the Rio 2016 program and as such international competition is intensifying.

AC needs to continue working towards greater alignment with the ASC’s mandatory governance principles in 2014. The organisation has agreed in principle to become a company limited by guarantee, has passed a motion at the 2013 annual general meeting to ensure board gender diversity, and has recently formed a nominations committee.

The sport is currently developing a strategic and national direction for its participation activities. AC has started to look to the wider paddle community (outrigger canoeing and dragon boating) as a means to drive participation growth.

2013 benchmark event // world championships

Medal target: 2 to 4

Actual: gold 0 silver 1 bronze 1 total 2

2013 benchmark event - Paralympic // world championships

Medal target: 0 to 1

Actual: gold 0 silver 0 bronze 0 total 0

Non-medal target achieved: Yes

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