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High performance 3

Total investment 2013–14: $6,572,800
(high performance: $5,901,000; participation: $661,800; other: $10,000)
ASC funding as a percentage of total income: 63.0%

The Hockey Australia (HA) men’s and women’s teams performed strongly in 2013 and are well placed for the 2014 world cup in the Netherlands and the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. HA has developed a new high performance plan.

HA has a sound governance structure that aligns well with the mandatory governance principles.

The sport’s performance in participation has been strong and HA appears to be on track to achieve its long-term targets. There has been a focus on both recruitment and retention across all core programs, with transition from junior programs into a club structure seen as key to retaining participants in the long term.

2013 benchmark event // World League Round 3 - men, women

Medal target: 2

Actual: gold 1 silver1 bronze 0 total 2

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