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Total investment 2013–14: $684,000
(high performance: $667,800; participation: $16,200)
ASC funding as a percentage of total income: 56.9%

Judo Federation of Australia (JFA) had a very disappointing year in and out of competition in 2013. While the result at the world championships was in line with expectations, a significant number of athletes did not progress past the first round. The new AIS Combat Centre in Canberra will provide significant opportunities to enhance the daily training environment for priority judo athletes. This initiative will enable more camp-based activities, which can more effectively track physical, tactical and technical progression of athletes, as well as more consistent sports science and sports medicine support.

In 2013 JFA had significant governance issues relating to integrity and member protection, conflict of interest, lack of process and poor communication. The lack of a clear direction within the sport has been a concern, with a governance and cultural review planned by the ASC. JFA must implement a number of the ASC’s mandatory governance principles if it is to function effectively in the future. The appointment of a CEO is a key step to improving the leadership and direction of the sport.

JFA’s primary focus is on achieving high performance outcomes, and grass roots development is not regarded as a high priority. JFA did not achieve its set participation targets for 2013 and does not have an employee specifically allocated to the development of the sport.

2013 benchmark event // world championships

Medal target: -

Non-medal target achieved: Yes

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