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High performance (Paralympic) 3

Total investment 2013–14: $592,000
(high performance — para: $290,000; participation: $198,200; other: $103,800)
ASC funding as a percentage of total income: 50.1%

The Winning Edge investment in table tennis is only targeted at the Paralympic program. The program is underpinned by high performance squads in most states. The shallow depth of internationally competitive athletes is a challenge, but Table Tennis Australia (TTA) has identified and is monitoring the development of some emerging talent. Performances at the 2013 benchmark event were positive and TTA will have four qualification spots for the 2014 world para championships (with the potential for a fifth spot).

TTA meets some of the mandatory governance principles but there are some that need to be addressed, such as the maximum terms of office, independent directors and a nominations committee. There have been ongoing discussions regarding these changes but a timeline has not yet been finalised.

TTA has delivered on many aspects of its participation plan in the past year. The implementation of the national membership database is almost completed and TTA can now report membership and participation data accurately. The participation program has gained momentum, with 12 priority projects established and participation numbers exceeding targets. There has been substantial growth in participation of people with disability, which has resulted from TTA working with rehabilitation hospitals in Sydney.

2013 benchmark event - Paralympic// Oceania Para Regionals, Factor 50 event

Medal target: 17

Actual: gold 9 silver 8 bronze 6 total 23

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