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Total investment 2014–15: $8,931,400 (high performance: $6,520,000; high performance - para: $1,630,000; participation: $246,400; other: $535,000)

ASC funding as a percentage of total income: 73%

The Athletics Australia high performance program has been rated as progressing, while the para-athletics program has been rated as on track. The highly publicised departure of the Athletics Australia national head coach during the Glasgow Commonwealth Games was poorly timed and unhelpful for the sport’s image. Despite this distraction there were solid performances from a number of athletes — including Sally Pearson, Kimberley Mickle, Alana Boyd, Michael Shelley and Dani Samuels.
The Athletics Australia and ASC reviews following the Commonwealth Games reflect the wide-ranging challenges across the sport. It is expected the outcomes and recommendations of the reviews will provide athletics with a positive and productive way forward. The high performance unit at Athletics Australia continues to develop and implement strategies to improve the accountability, monitoring and coordination of support to its athletes. The sport is pursuing the appointment of a new head coach and performance services manager as a matter of urgency, with both roles being critical to achieving high performance outcomes in the future. There are a number of promising emerging athletes with podium potential, and this year’s world championships will provide insight into the performance potential in the pre-Olympic and Paralympic year.

Athletics is regarded to be on track to achieve its Rio 2016 targets.


When assessed against the ASC’s mandatory governance principles there are key areas, including strategic alignment, single entity and board performance evaluation, where Athletics Australia requires further work. This is reflected in the findings of the panel that conducted the One Sport — The Future Course independent review.

A critical issue is shifting from a board of management to a board of governance, including significantly streamlining the committee structure, and building much higher levels of alignment and shared national direction across the entire sport. Athletics Australia and the ASC have implemented an athletics review monitoring committee, which will monitor progress and identify resource needs to support implementation of the review’s recommendations.

2014 benchmark event // Commonwealth Games

Medal target: 12 to 20

Actual: gold 6 silver 0 bronze 3 total 9

2014 Paralympic benchmark event // Commonwealth Games

Medal target: 5 to 7

Actual: gold 2 silver 1 bronze 0 total 3

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