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Total investment 2014–15: $3,379,900 (high performance: $2,065,000; participation: 979,900; other: $335,000)

ASC funding as a percentage of total income: 21%
Netball had a stellar year on and off the court and has been rated as performing. The Diamonds won gold at the Commonwealth Games, successfully defended the Constellation Cup and finished the year on a 19-game winning streak. They are also leading the way in creating and implementing quality plans and processes.

The Netball Australia high performance program has increased in sophistication over the last couple of years; however, there is still scope and plans to improve on the national system and unity of purpose.


Netball Australia is performing extremely well in its governance. With a whole of sport approach to governance improvement, Netball Australia is a high-performing governance benchmark in many areas, particularly accountability, transparency and continuous improvement.

2014 benchmark event // Commonwealth Games

Medal target: 1

Actual: gold 1 silver 0 bronze 0 total 1

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