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Olympic Winter Institute of Australia

Total investment 2014–15: $2,738,645 (high performance: $2,573,645; other: 165,000) 
ASC funding as a percentage of total income: 69%
The Olympic Winter Institute of Australia has been rated as progressing. At the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, Australian athletes won two silver medals and one bronze. While this result was within the forecast total medal range, the team failed to win the predicted one gold medal. Following a detailed post-Games Australia’s Winning Edge performance case review, the AIS considers a target of 1–2 gold medals and –5 total medals is achievable at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. This is based on a large, young cohort of high-potential athletes in disciplines where Australia has a history of success.

Twelve new events were added to the Olympic program in Sochi — eight in Australia’s priority sports of freestyle skiing and snowboard. The planned new Australian-based water jump and half-pipe facility projects are both experiencing delays; however, when completed these facilities will provide athletes with improved training opportunities in priority disciplines.
The four medals, including two gold won at the 2015 Ski and Snowboard World Championships, indicate that the high performance program is tracking well towards its 2018 objectives.

The ASC notes that the Olympic Winter Institute of Australia is not yet required to implement the mandatory governance principles. In saying this, the ASC recognises the unique structure of the Olympic Winter Institute of Australia in operating programs for a number of sports, which means that implementation of aspects of the mandatory governance principles would require adaptation. It also  notes that while the principles are developed with NSO businesses in mind, they represent accepted good governance practice that is relevant to many types of organisations operating in the sport sector.

The Olympic Winter Institute of Australia has demonstrated a strong commitment to best practice governance arrangements. As a recipient of significant public investment, the ASC sees an opportunity for the Olympic Winter Institute of Australia to also leverage the principles for continuous improvement.

2014 benchmark event // Sochi Olympic Winter Games

Medal target: 2 to 4

Actual: gold 0 silver 2 bronze 1 total 3

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