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Total investment 2014–15: $2,366,200 (high performance: $1,960,000; high performance – para: $295,000; participation: $76,200; other: $35,000)

ASC funding as a percentage of total income: 91%
Shooting Australia has been rated as on track (Olympic) and progressing (Paralympic). Shooting Australia had a great 2014 international season, exceeding its medal targets at the Commonwealth Games (six gold and two bronze medals) and world championships (one gold and one bronze medal in Olympic disciplines). Warren Potent was the standout performer, winning gold at both the world championships and Commonwealth Games in the men’s 50-metre rifle prone event. The para-shooting program, despite having the best world cup season ever in terms of medals won, failed to win a medal at the 2014 world championships.

Shooting Australia has been transitioning to a selection model that better aligns to Australia’s Winning Edge and is based on current and future performance potential, rather than filling quotas. This is a big cultural shift for the sport, with a much heavier focus on performance outcomes and opportunities as opposed to selection. The introduction of individual performance plans and more engagement in a prescribed daily training environment has emphasised this shift, with a greater level of accountability now in the system.

Shooting Australia continues to progress its governance in line with the ASC’s sports governance principles, completing a board evaluation with the ASC during 2014. The implementation of the recommendations — such as improving alignment across the shooting sports and increasing the size and diversity of the board — should be priorities for Shooting Australia.

2014 benchmark event // world championships

Medal target: 0 to 1

Actual: gold 1 silver 0 bronze 1 total 2

2014 Paralympic benchmark event // IPC world championships

Medal target: 0 to 1

Actual: gold 0 silver 0 bronze 0 total 0

Non-medal target achieved: Y

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