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Total investment 2014–15: $2,811,400 (high performance: $2,160,000; high performance – para: $225,000; participation: $346,400; other: $80,000)

ASC funding as a percentage of total income: 47%
Triathlon Australia has been rated as progressing for both Olympic and Paralympic disciplines. Triathlon Australia did not have a successful 2014 season; it did not reach its benchmark event targets at the ITU World Triathlon in Edmonton or at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. The sport recognises that while the male athletes improved, more is expected from them and that the female cohort slipped from the high levels expected of them. There were, however, some encouraging under-23 and under-20 medal performances at the world championships.

Triathlon Australia will consider its high performance coaching area and explore how to guarantee future athlete performances at the benchmark events. There is awareness of the coaches’ delicate balance between achieving strong performances across the entire ITU World Triathlon Series and the one-off benchmark event competition.

In 2014 Triathlon Australia implemented a coaching system below the elite level, which aims to provide a greater influence capability at that level and in coaching in the future.

Australia has a rich history of elite performance since the inclusion of triathlon at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, but the competitive environment has become much stronger. Other nations are now concentrating on the sport and this requires intelligence gathering from these countries to glean world’s best practice examples in athlete preparation and coaching.

The ITU and International Paralympic Committee (IPC) recently confirmed the classes for inclusion at  Rio 2016, which do not reflect the talent base in Australia. The AIS and Triathlon Australia reviewed and agreed to change the Rio targets as the depth of high performance talent able to try for Rio has been negatively affected.

The injury of four-time world champion Bill Chaffey a week before Edmonton affected the expected medal outcome at the event.

While there is strong leadership in the para-triathlon program, the new Rio classes and limited experience of coaches in the majority of the para areas are threats to performance outcomes. The program is working to alleviate these where possible.

Triathlon Australia made a strategic move to begin work on governance from an alignment, culture and behaviour perspective. This has proven to be a valuable and highly effective approach given the strong alignment that now exists between the national and state organisations. It demonstrates the significance of culture and behaviour in the governance equation.

Triathlon is now well placed to address the structural elements as reflected in the mandatory governance principles in the next 12 months. The ASC believes this two-pronged approach will have maximum benefit for the sport.

2014 benchmark event // ITU world series final

Medal target: 1 to 2

Actual: gold 0 silver 0 bronze 0 total 0

2013 Paralympic benchmark event // world championships

Medal target: 2 to 3

Actual: gold 1 silver 0 bronze 0 total 1

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