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Total investment 2014–15: $3,571,000 (high performance: $3,385,000; participation: $61,000; other: $125,000)

ASC funding as a percentage of total income: 68%
Water Polo Australia has been rated as on track. Water Polo Australia achieved targeted results for both the men’s and women’s programs in 2014, indicating it is on track for Rio 2016 targets. Planning is well- underway for Rio and the engagement with the wider Water Polo Australia system was evident in the two-day workshop held at the AIS in the latter part of 2014.

The national coaches for both programs continue to develop the culture, athletes and support teams within their respective programs.

Water Polo Australia is progressing with its governance and has made the required constitutional changes in accordance with the ASC’s mandatory sports governance principles. Once these changes have been adopted, Water Polo Australia needs to continue to progress with its governance improvement, including implementing a board evaluation process in 2015.

2014 benchmark event // world cup (men)

Medal target: -

Non-medal target achieved: Y

2014 benchmark event // world cup (women)

Medal target: 0 to 1

Actual: gold 0 silver 1 bronze 0 total 1

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