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Total investment 2015-16: $3,588,921– this includes $2,520,522 for APC operations, $300,000 for participation, $730,000 for Paralympic sports managed by the APC and $38,399 in other funding.

ASC funding as a percentage of total income: 54%

As well as overseeing the preparation of the Australian team for the Paralympic Games and delivery of cross-sector programs, the Australian Paralympic Committee (APC) directly manages three Australia’s Winning Edge high performance programs:

Boccia — Boccia’s high performance program is rated as progressing. The sport’s high performance program reduced its activities in 2015 to manage a tighter budget. While boccia has only a narrow prospect of contributing to the 2016 Rio Paralympic medal targets, there is a development strategy in place for 2020.

Goalball — Goalball’s high performance program is rated as underperforming. The Australian women’s goalball team won bronze at the 2015 Asia/Pacific Championships and finished fourth at the IBSA World Games. The sport’s results in 2015 indicate it is unlikely to contribute to Australia’s medal targets in 2016. Considerable work is required on underpinning structures to ensure the sport can achieve high performance outcomes at future Games.

Wheelchair Rugby — Wheelchair Rugby’s high performance program is rated as on track. The team qualified for the Paralympics in 2014 when it won the world championships and it also finished second in the Asia/Ocenania qualifiers in Japan. While there are some concerns about gaps that have emerged in the program’s ability to fully support its Paralympic preparations within the current budget allocation, the exposure of athletes to international competition has created a cohort of athletes capable of winning gold in Rio.


The APC is progressing with its governance reform and has been making changes in line with the MSGP. Significant board renewal occurred in 2015 and the board now boasts directors from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. The development of an updated strategic plan is on track, and director elections in 2016 should further reflect the skills and expertise required to drive the APC’s strategic direction forward.

Boccia — 2015 Paralympic benchmark event // international events

Medal target: 1

Actual: gold 0 silver 0 bronze 1 total 1

Goalball — 2015 Paralympic benchmark event // Paralympic Qualification Tournament

Medal target: 0-1

Actual: gold 0 silver 0 bronze 1 total 1

Wheelchair rugby — 2014 Paralympic benchmark event // Wheelchair Rugby World Challenge

Medal target: 1

Actual: gold 0 silver 1 bronze 0 total 1

Performance target

Boccia — 2016 Paralympic benchmark event // Paralympic Games

Non-medal target: place 4th-8th (x5)

Goalball — 2016 Paralympic benchmark event // Paralympic Games

Medal target: 0-1

Non-medal target: place 4th-8th (x1)

Wheelchair rugby — 2016 Paralympic benchmark event // Paralympic Games

Medal target: 1

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