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Total investment 2015-16: $1,297,700 (high performance: $667,200; participation $625,000 and other $5,500)

ASC funding as a percentage of total income: 19% 

The Bowls Australia high performance program is rated as performing.

Results at the Asia Pacific Championships were outstanding with the Jackaroos wining four gold medals, two silver and two bronze from eight events. This result reflects Bowls Australia’s determination to implement key findings and recommendations from its 2014 high performance review. The review recommendations have led to significant progress, reflected in the sport-specific performance indicators and critical actions.

The next major tournaments, the 2016 world championships and the 2018 Commonwealth Games, are being played in the southern hemisphere on faster-paced greens more suitable to Australian bowlers. There is still a major concern with Australian bowlers adapting to the slower-paced greens of the northern hemisphere, however with increased PhD research Bowls Australia believes their athletes will be better prepared for slow greens in the future.

The program continues to develop its high performance culture and expectations on national squad athletes in their daily training environment. The introduction of the AMS and the compliance of athletes to adhere to submitting records has been well received, placing more accountability on the athlete. The program continues to produce athletes at the highest level and further clarification of the roles within the high performance program will enhance ability to achieve future benchmark event targets.


Bowls Australia has continued to work towards adopting the MSGP and performs well when benchmarked against Australia’s Winning Edge sports. Bowls Australia has been utilising the ASC’s board education and evaluation tool with state bodies and will be reviewing the governance structure within bowls. It has established a steering committee from its 2015 members forum to drive this work.

2015 benchmark event - // Asia Pacific Championships

Medal target: 5-7

Actual: gold4 silver 2 bronze 2 total 8

Performance target

2016 benchmark event - // world championships

Medal target: 4-7

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