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Total investment 2015-16: $3,079,900 (high performance: $2,065,000; participation $979,900; other $35,000)

ASC funding as a percentage of total income: 18% 

Netball is rated as excelling for high performance following a highly successful four-year cycle culminating in the Diamonds winning the 2015 World Cup and cementing its status as the number one team in the world. This followed winning the 2014 Commonwealth Games gold medal. Attention to detail across all aspects of high performance is the reason behind Netball Australia’s success over the past two years.

Management of the Diamonds athletes was instrumental to the team’s success at the World Cup in Sydney. The coaches and staff who work with the Diamonds are world class and committed to providing athletes with the best environment to enable success.

The national high performance program continues to ensure the development of the system with dissemination of information and continual review of pathways and development opportunities for athletes and staff. Netball Australia is continually looking for ways to improve and provide leadership for the sport as it continues to grow.


Netball Australia demonstrates industry-best practice for governance in many areas, setting the benchmark in adopting the MSGP. Netball Australia is operating on a continuous improvement model for several implemented and established governance practices. This includes the operations of the nominations committee and audit committee, board performance evaluation, and annual reporting. The sport will continue to work on improving governance by undertaking constitutional review which will include removing the duplication of the roles of chair and president.

2015 benchmark event // world championships

Medal target: 1

Actual: gold1 silver 0 bronze 0 total 1

Performance target

2016 benchmark event // Constellation Cup

Medal target: 1

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