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Total investment 2015-16: $9,152,018 (high performance: $7,550,000; high performance – para $705,000; participation $546,400; other $350,618)

ASC funding as a percentage of total income: 73% 

Yachting Australia is rated as performing across both the Olympic and Paralympic programs, with results in benchmark events indicating both are on track to achieve medal targets in Rio.

Sailing is excelling in its ongoing use of research and technology to ensure its programs are cutting edge across all sports science disciplines. The ongoing commitment of service providers and program staff to providing the best training and competition environments enable athletes to focus on performance outcomes.

The Rio Olympic test event in August was quite successful for the six Olympic classes that competed, with the team winning two gold and a bronze medal with two more top-10 finishes. The Paralympic team had a camp in Rio in October which was also very successful. Ongoing access and exposure to the Rio conditions will be invaluable to both programs leading up to the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic games.


Yachting Australia is performing well in adopting the MSGP. The sport is closely aligned strategically with its member associations, and is actively pursuing a one management model. This work is positioning it as a benchmark organisation in terms of national alignment. Yachting Australia has not yet achieved complete compliance with disclosure of reporting bands for remuneration and associated expenses for key management personnel.

2015 benchmark event // world championships (combined)

Medal target: 4-5

Actual: gold1 silver 2 bronze 1 total 4

2015 Paralympic benchmark event // world championships

Medal target: 2-3

Actual: gold1 silver 1 bronze 1 total 3

Performance target

2016 benchmark event // Olympic Games

Medal target: 3-5

2016 Paralympic benchmark event // Paralympic Games

Medal target: 1-3

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