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Total investment 2015-16: $1,611,600 (high performance: $925,000; participation $586,600; other $100,000)

ASC funding as a percentage of total income: 29% 

Surfing Australia’s high performance program is rated as performing. While the overall representation and rankings of Australian surfers on the World Surfing League Series is very healthy the benchmark event targets of 1–2 gold and 3–4 medals overall was down from 2014.

Australia’s top-ranked male surfer, Mick Fanning, finished the year second overall in the world rankings with four top-3 placings in World Surf League (WSL) events in 2016. Sally Fitzgibbon was Australia’s top-ranked female surfer finishing the year ranked third in the world having achieved six top-3 placings in WSL events. Australian men had three surfers finish in the top 10 world rankings and nine in the top 20. Australian women had three in the top 10 world rankings and seven in the top 20.

The 2014 world champion Stephanie Gilmore suffered a season-ending injury in round three of the WSL Series cruelling any chance of defending her title. Surfing Australia leads the world in innovation with the opening of a Skate to Create facility at its high performance centre.


Surfing Australia is progressing with its governance reform and has been working to make the necessary changes in line with the MSGP. The board is comprised of independent directors and has a skills mix appropriate to drive the organisation’s strategic direction. The organisation’s strategic planning processes are extensive and consultative. The Surfing Australia board has committed to undertake annual board evaluations which will complement the culture of ongoing governance improvement.

2015 benchmark event // World Surf League

Medal target: 3-4

Actual: 2

Performance target

2016 benchmark event // World Surf League

Medal target: 3-4


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