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Total investment 2015-16: $11,271,000 (high performance: $8,415,000; high performance – para $1,910,000; participation $866,000; other $80,000)

ASC funding as a percentage of total income: 45% 

Swimming Australia is rated as performing for the Olympic program and on track for the Paralympic program. The performances in the 2015 world championships met benchmark event targets and exceeded its gold medal expectations, with seven gold, three silver and six bronze medals. Australia finished second on the overall medal tally and first if only considering Olympic Games events.

The para program met its medal target in 2015, although the loss of some para swimmers to retirement, injury and reclassification meant that its gold medal expectations were not achieved. Despite this, there appears to be continual improvement in the daily training environment and some encouraging performances from younger swimmers entering the pathway. Similar can be said regarding the open water program with performances below expectations at its benchmark event but progression is being made.

Swimming Australia has built on substantial leadership and cultural changes it initiated after the 2012 Olympic Games, despite losing its high performance director in early 2015. The new leadership team transitioned well and is working effectively in creating a high performance culture that empowers individual team members to accept ownership of their performance and behaviour in and out of the water.

Swimming Australia has been proactive in improving athlete compliance of the AMS and is working with the AIS to refine the system. There is good evidence of quality athletes progressing through the athlete pathway and the Australian team topped the medal tally at the World Junior Championships. They have identified 15 coaches who are participating in the AIS Performance Coaches Program which is considered a high priority for the development of current and future high performance coaches.


Swimming Australia is progressing with its governance improvements and is making the necessary changes to meet the MSGP. The sport has been working with stakeholders to create a stronger whole-of-sport strategy to address product offerings and governance alignment. The nominations committee has enabled Swimming Australia to appoint highly-skilled directors addressing needs in commercial, digital, legal and governance areas. The sport has made excellent progress towards meeting the 40 per cent women on boards target and recognises the importance of ensuring ongoing equality.

2015 benchmark event // world championships (including open water swim)

Medal target: 13-15

Actual: gold 7 silver 3 bronze 4 total 14

2015 Paralympic benchmark event // world championships

Medal target: 26-28

Actual: gold 9 silver 8 bronze 13 total 30

Performance target

2016 benchmark event // Olympic Games (including open water swim)

Medal target: 9-11


2016 Paralympic benchmark event // Paralympic Games

Medal target: 28-32


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