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Total investment 2015-16: $355,000 (high performance: $355,000)

ASC funding as a percentage of total income: Not available (new organization) 

Taekwondo’s high performance program is rated as progressing. Results at the 2015 world championships were below target, however Australia qualified four athletes for 2016 Olympic Games at the 2016 Continental Qualification Tournament in Papua New Guinea.

High-priority athletes have access to adequate daily training environment and competitions, however they require greater exposure to international training environments. Coordination and quality control of athletes when in these environments has been problematic, including providing appropriate access to and delivery of performance support.

A lack of capacity in coaching communication and broader leadership continued to be an issue in 2015. The organisation and the AIS are now in a better position to tackle these issues following Sports Taekwondo Australia’s governance reform and the recent recruitment of a CEO.


Sports Taekwondo Australia is progressing with its governance reform and has been working to make necessary changes in line with the MSGP. The organisation has made progress toward ensuring all parts of the federated structure are working in cohesion and toward a single strategic direction for the sport. Sports Taekwondo Australia must continue to develop a single national entity for all forms of the sport.

2015 benchmark event // world championships

Medal target: 0-1

Actual: gold 0 silver 0 bronze 0 total 0

Medal target: N

Performance target

2016 benchmark event // Olympic Games

Medal target: 0–1

Non-medal target: place 4th–8th (x1)

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