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Australia’s Winning Edge 2012–2022  promotes the critical link between sports governance and business capability, and the achievement of high performance success. The ASC has identified continued evolution of governance practices within Australian sport as an important element of improving performances in and out of the sports arena. It is important for all organisations to continually work with their stakeholders to achieve higher standards of governance and adopt best practice across their sport. These standards provide a benchmark for the priority Australia’s Winning Edge sports and the broader sports industry.

In 2013, the seven sports that received the highest levels of ASC funding were required to meet the Mandatory Sports Governance Principles (MSGP). From 2016, the number of sports subject to the MSGP increased to 23. The ASC supports these sports through direct partnerships to best enable them to achieve the MSGP. The ASC also helps sports outside this group with advice and support to ensure the benchmark of best practice governance is achievable across the sector.

In line with Play.Sport.Australia., the ASC’s sport participation game-plan, the ASC’s Participation and Sustainable Sports Division invests in the continued improvement and growth by providing expertise, advice and support to sports. It has worked with sports such as Basketball, Rowing, Golf, Sailing, Canoe and Hockey to build their capability in governance, management, workforce, commercialisation and participation.

Growing the number of women on national sporting organisation boards

As part of the MSGP, the ASC affirmed the need for sports to proactively grow the number of women on their national boards. Of the top 23 funded NSOs, there is an average of 39% female representation on boards, which is a 12 per cent increase since the introduction of the MSGP in March 2013. The ASC notes that all of the top 23 funded sports have at least 25% female representation on their boards, with only Diving (29%), Equestrian (25%), Olympic Winter Institute (25%) and Water Polo (25%)  having less than 30% female representation on their boards.

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