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Total investment 2016-17: $722,200 (high performance: $600,800; participation $100,000; other: $21,400)

ASC funding as a percentage of total income: 46%

Archery Australia’s high performance program enjoyed success in 2016 with an Olympic bronze medal in the men’s team event (Alec Potts, Ryan Tyack and Taylor Worth) and a Paralympic bronze medal in the men’s open compound event (Jonathon Milne). These were the first medals for archery since the 2004 Olympic Games and 1968 Paralympic Games. Taylor Worth reached the quarter-finals for the men’s individual event. Australia’s sole competitor in the women’s individual event was struck down with illness on the day of the ranking rounds.

The continued engagement with the Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS) was of great benefit given the increased level of centralised training in Brisbane in the months prior to the Olympic Games. Work on athlete and coach pathways was limited while resources were focused on Olympic and Paralympic team preparations such as conducting extensive equipment research and statistical analysis of scoring trends, which provided a competitive advantage to Australian athletes in preparation for the Games.

It was identified early in the four-year cycle that given the available resources, the men’s team event was the strongest chance of medalling in Rio. Therefore, investment was specifically prioritised and targeted to that event. The connection with international teams over the cycle stimulated the domestic training environment while the para-archery program was specifically based around one athlete (Jonathon Milne) in Sydney, who was identified 18 months prior to the Rio Paralympic Games.

Governance commentary

Archery Australia must improve the gender balance of its board as a priority. In addition, a review and updated constitution would see it become more compliant with the ASC’s Mandatory Sports Governance Principles. Archery Australia has commenced an ASC board evaluation and will benefit from implementing the recommendations.

2016 Benchmark event // Olympic Games

Medal target: 0-1

Actual: gold 0 silver 0 bronze 1 total 1

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