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Total investment 2016-17: $635,000 (high performance: $405,385; participation $200,000; other: $29,615)

ASC funding as a percentage of total income: 15%

Badminton Australia’s high performance program continued to progress in 2016, delivering support and development for an emerging group of talented athletes. The program’s daily performance environment has engaged key athletes training in a centralised environment with close access to performance support services through the Victorian Institute of Sport. This, coupled with targeted international competition and camp exposure, has been a key to developing these athletes.

The program has continued to implement its competition strategy to enhance readiness leading into the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

This has been delivered through participation in a number of specific international training camps and competitions, which integrate with world-class athletes and coaches. The program has a fully developed schedule and strategy leading into the Commonwealth Games, with good relationships with Denmark, Indonesia, Singapore, China and Malaysia.
Badminton has enjoyed its best competition year, including a significant jump in world rankings for women’s doubles from 51st to the top 20. This included the pair’s win at the Dutch Grand Prix and Canadian Grand Prix. These were the first international grand prix wins for Australia outside of Oceania. An increase in rankings has also been achieved in the Mixed Doubles (49), Men’s Doubles (50) and Women’s Singles (90) in 2016.

Performance outcomes at the 2016 Rio Olympics were as expected, meeting the pre-Games target of two placings between ninth and 16th. These Olympics were utilised as a development opportunity for badminton’s emerging athlete cohort in preparation for the 2018 Commonwealth Games and beyond.

Governance commentary

Constitutional reform has helped Badminton Australia achieve greater compliance across a number of the ASC’s Mandatory Sports Governance Principles, in particular compliance with anti-doping requirements. Over the next 12 months, Badminton should complete the transition to a company limited by guarantee.

2016 Benchmark event // Olympic Games

Medal target: -

Non-medal target: Y

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