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myAISbasecamp is an e-learning platform that provides fun, challenging and interactive physical sessions and educational courses to ensure emerging athletes across Australia, reach their full sporting potential. The program was specifically developed by APD to address a number of critical gaps in the athlete pathway including a decline in physical literacy, high levels of musculoskeletal injury, high levels of dropout and poor utilisation of athlete and lifestyle skills. In addition, contemporary evidence shows that podium winning athletes have better overall athletic capability as well as a better repertoire of habitual lifestyle and mental skills and strategies, compared to their lesser successful counterparts.

myAISbasecamp has been designed to provide a valuable adjunct to the sport-specific training a participant or athlete is doing with their coach, club and sport. The content within myAISbasecamp accords to the key principles of the FTEM Athlete Development framework and is evidence-based and practicable, informed directly by internationally recognised experts from within the AIS. Current physical modules include: Strength Training Technique, Ball Skills, Postural Strength & Running Technique. Current athlete and lifestyle educational content include: Nutrition, Psychology, Self-Regulation, Physical Preparation, Personal Excellence, Recovery & Video Analysis. Launched in November 2016, the platform has been custom-designed to appeal to emerging athletes through its innovative learning environment and community, recognition of competency on completion of modules, video tips from our finest international-level athletes and inclusion of educational resources for their nominated ‘base-camp buddy’ , a parent, coach or peer who will encourage and support them on their myAISbasecamp journey.

Who is myAISbaseamp for?

The primary intent of the myAISBasecamp strategy is to continue to roll out this platform nation-wide so that it reaches and supports the majority of Australian emerging athletes regardless of their location (i.e., covering remote and rural areas as well as metropolitan centres).

This will be achieved through further showcasing and implementation of the platform to –
      Prioritised NSOs (i.e. Foundation – Prospective etc.)

      The National Institute Network

      Underpinning State Sporting Organisations, Regional Academies of Sport, and

      Department of Sport & Recreation networks
Importantly, all athletes must be nominated by one of these organisations to gain access and support through myAISBasecamp. Coaches and parents nominated as a ‘Basecamp Buddy’ by their respective athlete, will also greatly benefit through better access to aligned education and support.

The future potential of this platform to support the physical literacy of foundational level participants earlier in the pathway (e.g. primary and secondary school aged children), is currently being scoped in partnership with a growing number of secondary schools and the Australian Sports Commission.

If your organisation would like to be involved, please contact myAISbasecamp directly.

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