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High performance sport in Australia

The high performance sector comprises many organisations working together to support our athletes to achieve continued sporting success for Australia.

Each organisation has a critical role to play to ensure Australia continues to excel on the world’s sporting stage.

Australian Institute of Sport

Their role: The AIS is Australia’s strategic high performance sport agency with responsibility and accountability for leading the delivery of Australia’s international sporting success.

Working together: The AIS works in partnership NSOs, state institutes and academies of sport (SIS/SAS) and other sport partners to deliver international sporting success. The AIS partners with NSOs to position high performance investment in order to support coaches and athletes to deliver Australia’s collective ambitions. This involves providing expertise in athlete preparation, performance science and medicine, innovation, coach and leadership development, performance strategy and planning, pathway support and athlete career and education.

The AIS also works closely with the SIS/SAS to develop systematic national support for NSOs to deliver the daily training environment for Australia’s elite athletes.

State institutes and academies of sport

Their role: The SIS/SAS, together with the AIS, form Australia’s National Institute Network. The SIS/SAS provide high performance services and support in partnership with NSOs in their respective state and territory jurisdictions with a view to delivering high quality daily training environments for athletes and teams with podium potential.

Working together:
In partnership with NSOs and the AIS, the SIS/SAS provide expert services and resources to complement NSO performance programs in the areas of performance science, medicine, coaching and athlete career and education.

Peak bodies

Who: The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC), Australian Paralympic Committee (APC) and Australian Commonwealth Games Association (ACGA)

Their role: The AOC, APC and ACGA support sports to access significant international competitions, including the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games and Commonwealth Games. In addition, the APC manages high performance programs for several sports, provides direct funding to national federations and other high performance sector partners, and delivers programs that value add to this investment.

Working together: A representative from each of the peak bodies is included as a non-voting member of the National Elite Sports Council. The National Elite Sports Council provides a focal point for communication, issues management and national program coordination across the high performance network.


Who: National sporting organisations

Their role: NSOs are central to Australia’s high performance system and are responsible for delivering high performance sport programs. They create environments that support coaches, athletes and teams to perform at their best for national and international competition. In addition, they nurture and identify Australia’s next generation of athletes, providing the right support at the right time to ensure Australia continues to achieve international sporting success.

Working together: NSOs work with all partners across the high performance system. They engage and invest in the SIS/SAS to create the right daily training environment for athletes, and utilise state-of-the-art facilities and leading technical expertise in sports science and sports medicine. NSOs also partner with peak bodies to prepare athletes for major international competitions and work with governments to invest in the right areas and ensure the sustainability of sport.


Who: Australian Sports Commission, Office for Sport and state departments of sport and recreation

Their role: The ASC administers the Australian Government’s investment in sport, including funding to NSOs, the National Institute Network and the APC. Additional support is provided by state departments of sport and recreation.

Working together: Governments play a significant role in helping set the direction of sport in Australia. Government representatives from each state, the Office for Sport and the ASC form part of the Committee of Australian Sport and Recreation Officials (CASRO). Over the past two years CASRO has moved to deliver a nationally aligned and collaborative approach for sport by the development of the Policy Framework. The Policy Framework provides a new shared direction for sport which guides the development of policies, strategies and programs by governments and identifies priority areas of cooperation of which international performance is one.

Commercial and community

Who: Private providers, universities, sport technology companies and sponsors

Their role:
To provide expertise, products, facilities, advice and funding to assist athletes and sports to compete on the world stage.

Working together: Athletes, sports and sports institutes rely on partnerships with a wide variety of experts. Without this support and engagement, performance will be compromised. The high performance sector must work closely with these organisations to pursue innovative approaches, and to gain access to facilities and funding that are consistent with a sport's high performance plan. For example, promoting and commercialising sports innovation through avenues such as the Australian Sports Technology Network will help build our competitive advantage, translating into high performance results.

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