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Investment announcement 2014-15

In 14-15 we have been able to make a commitment
to delivering $120 million worth of high performance

and participation support towards NSOs. So
we take into account their current performance

and their future potential we look at their
performance opportunity particularly as it

applies to the RIO games, but then year on
year how they perform against their identified

benchmark event each year. We look at the
athlete cohort within their group and the

gap to podium across both the athlete and
the sport itself. We consider all of that

evidence when we make that investment allocation.
This year we are really pleased to be able

to confirm an increase to in particular sailing
which are on merit. We believe have a really

strong profile building on their great success
in London but certainly through to Rio. They

will receive an additional $1.25 million.
Also canoeing will also receive an increase

of $500,000 this year. We're committed to
canoeing, we recognise that they have got

a great opportunity to achieve success in
Rio and with think multigold is certainly

capable of achieving that.
Taekwondo have also showed a great improvement

and are building on the performance of Carmen
Marton so they will benefit from a $300,000

increase this year and we are really keen
to see what taekwondo athletes can do particularly

through to Rio and as well through the combat
centre innovative that we are supporting.

The other sports that will receive some additional
increase include rowing, where we believe

they have got some change in their performance
profile and also have confidence in their

ability to support a multi-gold medal opportunity
in Rio, and team sports make a really important

part of our mix. Women's water polo this year
will also receive increase, silver medallists

at the world championships and we are really
excited about the profile of the water polo

Swimming, swimming we have been really encouraged

by the change in leadership and the changes
as well in the performance on the pool at

the back of the world championships in 2013.
We will be really looking forward to the performance

at the Commonwealth Games this year but on
balance we believe that swimming certainly

has turned a significant performance corner
and we will be looking at applying some additional

support for swimming.

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) Chair John Wylie AM has announced funding allocations to national sporting organisations for 2014-15.

The 2014-15 investment of nearly $120 million continues to be refined to ensure funding is aligned to sports with the greatest potential to contribute to Australia’s Winning Edge targets.

In these times of financial restraint the ASC have been able to provide the same level of total funding as last year as we continue to sharpen our approach to investment in Australian sport.

The more focused funding approach has seen a total of $20 million be redirected in the past two years to sports with the greatest medal potential in Rio and beyond. Furthermore the financial support of athletes has never been greater with more than $12 million allocated to assist some 650 eligible athletes through the AIS’ Direct Athlete Support scheme.

A range of information and resources regarding the investment announcement can be found below.

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