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Coaching and High Performance: NSO Competitive Innovation Funding Pool

To encourage innovation and a greater commitment to investment in coaching and high performance personnel, a new pool of funding will be set aside for competitive bids from national sporting organisations (NSO) in high priority sports.

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) will allocate up to $1.5m a year for the pool, or $6m over the next four years.

The focus of the funding will be on new proposals, and is in addition to a sport’s existing investment in coaching and high performance staff. Funding will extend to encourage technology-related initiatives that will benefit in the areas of coaching and on-field performance. Depending on the nature of proposals, NSOs could be supported for one-off initiatives or multi-year initiatives where evidence of need is justified.

As a general proposition, bids that seek to ‘top up’ coach remuneration packages will be discouraged. The issue of coach/high performance personnel remuneration will be managed through the NSO grants allocation processes, based on assessments about market rates for best-in-class personnel. The ASC remains committed to working with sports to attract and retain the best coaches in Australia.

Further details on the timing and criteria for investment will be published in early 2013 to ensure that investments can be made early in the cycle so as to maximise impacts in international competitions between now and 2016.

Some examples of areas where greater investment may be justified include:

  • To provide greater support to personal coaches who are not paid full-time professionals where they coach highly ranked athletes
  • Initiatives that would facilitate greater integration between an NSO and its coaching body/association
  • Exposing developing coaches to best-practice in their sport in Australia and internationally
  • Initiatives that enable cross-sport coaching/high performance collaboration
  • Technology-driven initiatives that will enhance coaching expertise and create competitive advantages in on-field performance.


The ASC will allocate $1.5m annually.

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