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Priority actions

Achieving Australia's performance targets within existing resources is possible. The challenge is to do things differently and more efficiently.

For its part, the ASC will pursue the following actions to deliver Australia's Winning Edge:

1  Introduce a sharper, more robust national funding and accountability model

  • New investment principles
  • Funding linked directly to Australia's Winning Edge targets and milestones
  • Sports held accountable for the funding they receive and the effectiveness with which they spend it
  • New annual Australia's Winning Edge: State of Sports report

2  Help sports reduce costs/complexity and grow their capacity

  • Require sports to demonstrate best practice governance and administration relevant to a sport's circumstances
  • Identify opportunities for shared services to create efficiencies and reduce costs for sports
  • Increase commercial revenue and philanthropic investment utilising the Australian Sports Foundation

3  Invest dividends from efficiencies into three key areas

(a) Better direct support for athletes

  • Grow Direct Athlete Support (DAS) to globally competitive levels over time
  • Change classification structure for DAS, linked to Australia's Winning Edge

(b) Greater investment in coaches and high performance personnel

  • Establish a new cross-sport Centre for Performance Coaching and Leadership
  • Create a competitive funding pool for sports to promote innovative initiatives to attract/retain/develop coaching/high performance personnel

(c) Renewed focus on unearthing and nurturing Australia’s talent

  • Conduct annual ‘Sports Draft’ and ‘Second Chance’ programs for Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games sports
  • Develop niche-sport talent initiatives (for example, combat sports, target sports, acrobatic sports)
  • Explore opportunities for women in high performance sport, dedicated national sporting organisation (NSO) pathway managers, and talent enrichment team for pre-elite athletes

4  Refocus the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) to grow its role as Australia’s national high performance agency

  • Sharper focus on true podium potential athletes
  • AIS to be responsible for all high performance funding within the ASC
  • Empower sports to determine optimal high performance program delivery by transitioning from AIS direct program delivery by the end of 2013
  • Focus on: Strategy/Investment + Athlete/Sport Services + Research/Innovation

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