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Judo National Training Camp

Australia's judoka's being put through their paces at the National Training Camp.

23 Feb 2017

Eighty Judo athletes from around Australia attended Judo Federation of Australia's first national training camp for 2017 at the AIS Combat Centre. This allowed a new generation of ambitious athletes to mix with and learn from their more experienced compatriots, including Rio 2016 Olympians beginning their journey towards Tokyo 2020.

The AIS Combat Centre team worked closely with the camp’s head coach Maria Pekli to provide targeted sports science support to athletes attending the camp, ranging from a dedicated medical team to help keep eighty athletes on the mat for the camp duration, to body composition assessments for targeted high performance athletes to better inform their weight management in the next Olympic cycle. One key ongoing project that was kicked-off at the training camp was the creation of new guidelines for strength and conditioning programs in Cadet and Junior Judo athletes in Australia: Combat Centre team members Clare Humberstone and Stuart Cormack are working with JFA to ensure that the training programs given to young Judo athletes are best-practice and prepare the athletes to be competitive against world-class athletes from around the world.  

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