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The AIS European Training Centre was set up to give athletes competing in Europe access to world-class facilities and expertise from the AIS in Canberra so they can train as they would at home, but without the 30-hour flight.

The base is used exclusively by Australian athletes, giving them a level playing field on which to compete against their European rivals. State of the art facilities include ice-bath units to aid in recovery after heavy training days, access to a fully equipped gym and pool, a live-in physio, an in-house restaurant with nutritious meals, and plenty of hills and lakes for cross-training.

Andrew Verdon, strength and conditioning coach

The physical preparation of our athletes is one of the keys to sailing the Elliott 6 metre to its potential. The demands of match racing and the intensity of the crew manoeuvring call for very fit and well prepared sailors, as in all Olympic classes.

Our time in Varese is 90 per cent concentrated on fitness and wellbeing, and the squad is very fortunate to have the opportunity to come to the AIS European Training Centre. This is our second visit, and we have seen the fitness levels of the squad improve enormously from last year.

We have a very strong foundation in which to launch our European campaign for 2010 and beyond onto 2012.

Dayne Sharp, coach

The AIS European Training Centre provides a great environment and fantastic support for our teams who spend a lot of their time in Europe, giving them access to world-class facilities and expertise that really gives the team the edge.

The central location of Varese makes it an ideal base for physical preparation camps and a cost-effective option for periods of training or recovery between regattas in Europe.

Katie Culbert, program coordinator

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