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CGA dAIS Program Guidelines

  1. Introduction

    Our nation’s high performance sporting strategy, underpins our ambition to develop world best athletes capable of producing world best results. We aim to rank amongst the top five nations at the summer Olympic and Paralympic Games, the top 15 nations at the winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, and to be the top nation at the Commonwealth Games. A key element of our high performance is to prioritise support to the athletes who have the greatest potential to contribute to these targets.

    In addition to the $12 million per annum funding provided through the AIS, the Australian Commonwealth Games Association (trading as the CGA) is contributing an additional $2 million to dAIS in the lead up to the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games to either top-up existing dAIS recipients or target potential 2018 medallists not currently receiving support. The CGA dAIS program will operate over the three rounds of dAIS commencing 17 November 2016.

    The CGA dAIS program provides an opportunity for athletes in Commonwealth Games sports to receive a direct cash grant from the Australian Government and the CGA. Athletes may be nominated by their National Sporting Organisation (NSO) to receive a dAIS grant if they demonstrate potential to achieve a podium result at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and meet certain other eligibility criteria as set out in these guidelines.

    These guidelines provide an outline of the CGA dAIS program to athletes and NSOs and should be considered in conjunction with the dAIS Guidelines. They are subject to change and may be updated from time to time.

    The CGA dAIS program operates within the existing dAIS scheme and is administered by the AIS under the terms of the Collaboration Agreement between the AIS and CGA.

  2. Eligibility Criteria

    To be considered for a CGA dAIS program grant, an athlete must:

    1. be nominated by their NSO to receive a CGA dAIS program grant;
    2. be training to represent Australia in an event/discipline that is on the schedule for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games (Eligible Discipline);
    3. be an Australian citizen and eligible to represent Australia at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games;
    4. be following an individual performance plan which has been endorsed by their NSO;
    5. be a categorised athlete;
    6. satisfy the means test as described in the dAIS Guidelines;
    7. have a signed athlete agreement with their NSO, and not be in breach of that agreement;
    8. have not breached the terms of any previous dAIS or Direct Athlete Support agreement; and
    9. hold a review or confirmed status international classification (applies to para athletes only). Para athletes who do not hold an international classification should hold a national classification and be planning to seek international classification within an acceptable timeframe.
  3. Performance considerations and grant amounts

    Athletes who satisfy the above eligibility criteria may be considered for a CGA dAIS program grant if they also meet certain performance considerations. NSOs are requested to consider current dAIS allocations when nominating athletes and payment amounts as outlined in the table below. The amount available for each sport for the CGA dAIS program grants is at the discretion of the CGA and AIS and may differ between funding rounds. Funding will be prioritised to sports with consideration to the wider dAIS scheme and will be based on the sports’ ability to medal at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. The key performance considerations and grant amounts are set out below. A minimum grant of $1,000 per athlete per round will be considered:

    CGA additional top up grant:

    • A Commonwealth medal potential athlete who is already receiving funds through the existing AIS dAIS scheme will be eligible for top-up CGA funding such that their combined allocation from AIS and CGA is no more than $14,000 for the round; and
    • The top-up amount from CGA funds must be between $1,000 and $8,000 for the round.

    CGA funding only:

    • A Commonwealth medal potential athlete who is not receiving funds through the existing AIS dAIS scheme will be eligible for a grant from the CGA dAIS program of between $2,500 and $6,000 for the round.
    Existing dAIS SchemeCGA dAIS Program 
    TierAIS fundsMax CGA allocationMaximum total
    OP1 (1st)17,500-17,500
    OP2 (2nd)16,500-16,500
    OP3 (3rd)15,500 15,500
    OP4 (4th)14,000 14,000
    OP5 (5th – 6th)11,500Up to $2,50014,000
    OP6 (7th – 8th)7,500Up to 6,50014,000
    OP7 (Emerging)2,500 - 6,000Up to 8,00014,000
    CGA only Emerging-2,500 - 60006,000
    Commonwealth only
    TierAIS fundsMax CGA allocationMaximum total
    CG1 (1st)17,500-17,500
    CG2 (2nd)10,000Up to 4,00014,000
    CG3 (3rd)7,500Up to 6,50014,000
    CG4 (Emerging)4,000 - 6,000Up to 8,00014,000
    CGA only Emerging-2,500 - 6,0006,000

    The CGA and AIS may consider other indicators of performance potential such as a medal performance at a previous world championship, results at other recent events, the gap in performance to a medal performance, world ranking and quality of daily training environment.

    The establishment of a performance criteria and other considerations will remain at the discretion of each NSO provided the clear purpose is to maximise the support to athletes considered potential medallists at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

  4. Supporting information

    1. Evidence
      1. It is expected that NSO nominations will be based on clear performance evidence that is objective where possible and justifiable if challenged.
    2. Tenure
      1. There will be three funding rounds for determining CGA dAIS program grants over the term of the CGA dAIS program. NSOs are required to submit new nominations for each round. There is no guarantee that an athlete who receives dAIS in a particular round will be offered dAIS in a subsequent round.
      2. dAIS recipients will be bound by the terms of their dAIS Athlete Agreement until the date specified on that agreement.
    3. Amount
      1. The amount of CGA dAIS allocated to an athlete must be within the payment levels outlined in section 3 above.
  5. Athlete responsibilities

    An athlete may not accept an offer of a CGA dAIS program grant until such time that they have:

    1. agreed to the Australia’s high performance strategy Code of Conduct;
    2. provided any evidence requested by the AIS, the CGA or their NSO to confirm that they meet the eligibility criteria;
    3. completed all online learning modules as required by the AIS; and
    4. entered into a dAIS Athlete Agreement that sets out the requirements of all dAIS recipients during the term of the agreement.

    Athletes under the age of 18 must agree an expenditure plan for their dAIS grant with their NSO.

    Important notice regarding the means test

    Athletes who are offered a dAIS grant are required to declare whether or not they satisfy an income-based means test as described in 2(f) above.It is important that athletes are aware that it is an offence for a person to make a false or misleading statement in, or in connection with, an application for a grant. The AIS will undertake a number of audits of athlete finances in each funding round. Athletes are strongly encouraged to seek financial and/or taxation advice if they are uncertain as to whether they satisfy the means test.


    The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has issued a class ruling for dAIS, which is available on the ATO website. The ruling states that dAIS grants are not assessable income for the purposes of sections 6-5 or 6-10 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 provided that the athlete is not carrying on a business as a sportsperson. Athletes should seek taxation advice if they are unsure as to whether their dAIS grant is taxable.

  6. National Sporting Organisation responsibilities

    NSOs are required to:

    1. a nominate to receive a CGA dAIS program grant by the deadline set by the AIS;
    2. only nominate athletes who satisfy both the eligibility criteria and the performance considerations;
    3. provide a copy of the athlete’s individual performance plan or NSO Athlete Agreement, if requested by the AIS;
    4. immediately notify the AIS if an athlete no longer satisfies the eligibility criteria, performance considerations or the terms of the dAIS Athlete Agreement;
    5. work with athletes under the age of 18 to develop an expenditure plan for their dAIS grant; and
    6. not provide additional direct cash support to athletes without the prior written consent of the AIS.
  7. Indicative timetable

    There are three rounds of CGA dAIS program nominations. The approximate dates for the three rounds are:

     Round 1Round 2Round 3
    NSOs nominationsNovember 2016April 2017October 2017
    Offers to athletesDecember 2016May 2017November 2017
    dAIS claim due dateDecember 2016June 2017November 2017
  8. AIS / CGA discretion

    This document is intended to provide guidelines for the administration of the CGA dAIS program only. The AIS and CGA may, among other things and at their joint discretion:

    1. offer dAIS to an athlete under special consideration if an eligibility or performance requirement, or any other requirement set out in these guidelines, cannot be met due to extenuating circumstances such as injury or illness;
    2. amend any aspect of these guidelines including (but not limited to) the grant amounts, eligibility criteria, performance considerations and timeline;
    3. not offer CGA dAIS program grants to any athlete in a particular funding round; or
    4. cancel the scheme at any time.

    The administration of the program will be managed in accordance with the agreement between the ASC and CGA.

  9. Feedback

    It is the responsibility of NSOs to nominate athletes to receive CGA dAIS program grants. Athletes should direct any queries regarding the nomination process to their NSO.

    NSOs will be provided an opportunity to discuss the outcome of their nominations with the AIS prior to dAIS offers being made to athletes.

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