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FAQs for Athletes

As part of the Australian Institute of Sport's (AIS) high performance strategy, the dAIS scheme aims to provide athletes with direct financial support to enable them to focus on training and competitions to achieve their targets in Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games sports.

How can athletes apply?

  • Athletes do not apply by themselves.
  • Only National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) invited by the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) can nominate athletes for dAIS funding.
  • Athletes should contact their NSO if they have any questions about dAIS nominations.

Can any sport nominate?

  • Only sports which have been targeted by the AIS to achieve medals in the next Olympics/Paralympic Games or Commonwealth Games can nominate their athletes for dAIS funding.
  • dAIS supports athletes from across 30 sports each year.

How often is dAIS distributed to athletes?

  • There are two rounds for determining dAIS grants each year. The approximate dates for the two rounds are:
    Round 1 Round 2

    NSOs nominations



    Offers to athletes



    dAIS claim by athletes



  • As indicated in the table, dAIS athletes will:
    • receive Round 1 dAIS around December, and
    • receive Round 2 dAIS around May/June.

What is the funding period covered by dAIS Round 1 and Round 2

  • dAIS funding is not paid to athletes retrospectively.
  • When an athlete receives Round 1 dAIS funding around December, the funding is to support the athlete to train and compete in the next benchmark event for the coming six months' period, January to June.
  • Similarly, when an athlete receives Round 2 dAIS funding around May/June, the funding is to support the athlete to train and compete in the next benchmark event for the following six months' period, July to December.
  • If an athlete stops training in sport, the athlete is not eligible for dAIS, and may need to repay the dAIS funding received for that round.

Why dAIS cannot be guaranteed for athletes in subsequent rounds?

  • For the benefit of athletes, dAIS is tax exempt.
  • The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has issued a class ruling for dAIS. The ruling states that grants received by an athlete under dAIS are not assessable income provided that the athlete is not carrying on a business as a sportsperson. The dAIS class ruling is available on the ATO website.
  • Grants amounts that are periodical, regular or recurrent, and relied upon by the recipient for their regular maintenance and paid to them for that purpose are likely to be ordinary income which will be an assessable income.
  • Therefore, NSOs are required to submit new nominations for each round. There is no guarantee that an athlete who receives dAIS in a particular round will be offered dAIS in a subsequent round.

How can athletes spend dAIS?

  • There is no restriction on how athletes should spend the dAIS funding.
  • Usually, athletes use dAIS to cover basic living costs so that they can focus on training and preparation to compete in World Championships.

Why dAIS athletes need to be audited for the means test?

  • The standard government grant processes request recipients to acquit grants received.
  • The AIS does not request this of all dAIS athletes.
  • Instead each round only a small sample of dAIS athletes will be selected to go through the audit process.

How much is the dAIS budget and can the dAIS grant amount increase?

  • Currently the dAIS annual budget is around $12million.
  • In 2015-16, dAIS supported over 700 athletes across more than 30 sports, comprising approximately 450 top athletes and 250 emerging athletes.
  • If the dAIS amount is increased, the number of athletes supported will be reduced.
  • The AIS is raising more funds from philanthropic donations, so that Australian athletes can be better supported by dAIS. You can assist with dAIS fundraising by forwarding the image below with the impeded hyperlink to the donation webpage to your friends and network.

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