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With a focus on developing sustainable sport for Australia, the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) is committed to working closely with our sports partners to collectively achieve sustained international success and increased participation.

The ASC provides integrated and targeted funding and services to ASC recognised National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) and National Sporting Organisations for People with Disability (NSODs).

To achieve the best possible return from the Australian Government’s investment in sport, the ASC conducts an annual performance review that looks at historical performance as well as future potential to determine future investment.

The ASC is committed to the sustainability and growth of sports. The Annual Sport Performance Review model is intended to balance certainty and continuity with the need to achieve accountability for the Australian Government investment, and is also aimed at helping sports to focus on their long term planning.

The ASC also provides non-monetary support to funded and non-funded sports. This includes but is not limited to, access to coaching and officiating programs, governance support, planning and education opportunities and assistance to help sports develop inclusive participation programs.

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