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In the Australian Government document released in 2010, Australian Sport – The Pathway to Success it is stated, ‘Innovation, research, science and technology will continue to be drivers of Australian sporting excellence in the coming decades’. The AIS has long recognised the need to conduct applied research in an endeavour to understand the mechanisms that lead to improved performances in athletes. The relationship forged within the daily training environment at the AIS between athlete, coach and the scientific team provides information that drives the research directions. The daily training environment becomes a ‘working laboratory’ where ideas for improvement can be scientifically tested and new training methods can be validated against performance measures.

AIS Performance Research essentially coordinates the research process, acting as a centralised communication hub that connects research and development to the daily training environment. It enables research through various funding mechanisms, that are all aimed at producing practical outcomes for athletes and coaches. The emphasis on ‘improved performance’ is the key driver to research and development at the AIS.

While the AIS has built an enviable internal capacity for research and development over the years, it cannot work alone. The innovation cycle in sport is extremely quick, and the AIS has embarked on a program of strategic partnerships to increase the capabilities of the AIS to generate research and development in areas not traditionally found in the sports sciences. Indeed, there is an acknowledgement globally that the definition of ‘sport science’ has changed from being a discrete set of disciplines associated with athlete preparation, to any science that can be applied to a sporting context. The AIS’ strategic partnerships reflect this change.


The Performance Research Centre welcomes external collaborators who have an interest in research and development that is aimed at improving athlete or coach performance.

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