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The AIS Data Analytics Unit in Performance Research was established in 2005 and is dedicated to making sense' or making better use of data by analysing and presenting the data in ways that provide greater insights for Australian coaches, athletes and scientists. The Unit undertakes major short and long term research projects and assists Performance Research clients in data handling, data analysis and new technologies.

Current Projects


Past Projects

These projects highlight the range of sports assisted and type of research undertaken

Swimming – the coach requested an analysis of Olympic swimmers and their results to show the age range and career trajectory of medalists. Information was designed to assist training, talent identification and career advice.

Tennis – “screening scraping” (getting data from websites) from several tennis websites of player performances and preparing the data for loading into a results database. Further analysis was then complete to better understand career trajectories and performance profiles.

Cycling – assisted with the determination of the impact of drag in team pursuit. The analysis assisted with athlete selection and position on the track .

Cycling – analysis of MinimaxX data from mountain bike competitions to determine where in the race time was lost.

Rowing – collaborated with AIS Biomechanics to create Stroker, a data visualisation tool/software that presents MinimaxX and other data collected during training and racing. The graphs and images are shown to coaches and athletes to help them understand their individual and team skills and performance.

Beach Volleyball – created software applications to collect and manage more efficiently performance analysis and video data.

Athletics – collaborated with AIS Biomechanics and Physiotherapy to collate and analyse data for runners and walkers from a longitudinal viewpoint.

Athletics – collaborated with AIS Biomechanics and Applied Sensors in developing “Slogger”, an advanced electronic device (smaller and cheaper replacement for MinimaxX in some applications) to collect data for athletics and other sports.

Hockey – collection and analysis of player tracking data from major hockey competitions for the period 2006-2010. Analysis of work rate using video-based tracking in the lead up to the 2010 World Cup. This analysis could be credited for Australia's victory over Germany to claim gold in the event.

Hockey – a proof of concept project to develop an instrumented hockey stick that could measure forces applied occurring to the ball in a drag flick, a technique used in penalty corner situations.


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