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Group A

**Resources for the Sports Supplement Framework will be available soon**

Group A

Overview of category Sub-categories Examples

Evidence level:

Supported for use in specific situations in sport using evidence-based protocols.



Use within supplement programs:


Provided or permitted for use by some athletes according to best practice protocols.

Sports foods:

Specialised products used to provide a practical source of nutrients when it is impractical to consume everyday foods.

Sports drink


Sports gel


Sports confectionery


Liquid meal


Whey protein

Sports bar


Electrolyte replacement


Medical supplements:

Used to treat clinical issues, including diagnosed nutrient deficiencies. Requires individual dispensing and supervision by appropriate sports medicine/science practitioner

Iron supplement

Calcium supplement




Vitamin D


Probiotics (gut/immune)

Performance supplements :

Used to directly contribute to optimal performance. Should be used in individualised protocols under the direction of an appropriate sports medicine/science practitioner. While there may be a general evidence base for these products, additional research may often be required to fine-tune protocols for individualised and event-specific use.




Beetroot juice


Notes about updates to Group A:

  • Several products previously included in Group B have been elevated to Group A (for example, beetroot juice/nitrate and B-alanine).
  • Group A supplements have been separated into three sub-groups (sports foods, medical supplements and performance supplements) to note the different focus of their actions and the different provision models that should be involved in their use.
  • Fact sheets will be provided for all Group A supplements.
  • Research summaries will be provided for all Group A performance supplements.

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