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Group B

*Resources for the Sports Supplement Framework will be available soon**

Group B

Overview of category Sub-categories Examples

Evidence level:


Deserving of further research and could be considered for provision to athletes under a research protocol or case-managed monitoring situation.


Use within supplement programs:


Provided to athletes within research or clinical monitoring situations.

Food polyphenols:


Food chemicals which have purported bioactivity, including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity. May be consumed in food form or as isolated chemical.


Tart (Montomorency) cherry 

Exotic berries (acai, goji etc.)



Anti-oxidants C and E

Fish oils

Notes about updates to Group B:

  • Fact sheets will be provided for all Group B supplements.
  • Research summaries will be provided for all Group B supplements.
  • The development of monitoring and research tools to use with Group B supplements is a high priority activity for the Framework.

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