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Group C

**Resources for the Sports Supplement Framework will be available soon**

Group C

Overview of category Sub-categories Examples

Evidence level:


Have little meaningful proof of beneficial effects.


Use within supplement programs:


Not provided to athletes within supplement programs.

May be permitted for individualised use by an athlete where there is specific approval from (or reporting to) a sports supplement panel.

Category A and B products used outside approved protocols.

See list for Category A and B products.

The rest — if you can’t find an ingredient or product in Groups A, B or D, it probably deserves to be here.

Note that the Framework will no longer name Group C supplements or supplement ingredients in this top line layer of information. This will avoid the perception that these supplements are special.

Fact sheets and research summaries on some supplements of interest that belong in Group C may be found via on the ‘A–Z of Supplements’ page in the AIS Sports Nutrition section of the ASC website.

Notes about updates to Group C:

  • Group C has been simplified to remove the names of individual ingredients following feedback that products gain ‘notoriety’ due to their placement in this group.
  • Fact sheets and research summaries may be produced on ingredients in this group but will be presented on the website as part of an ‘A–Z of supplements’ compilation. The fact sheet will identify that such ingredients have been placed in the Group C category without drawing undue attention to them.


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