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Group D


**Resources for the Sports Supplement Framework will be available soon**

Group D

Overview of category use within AIS system Sub-categories Examples

Evidence level:


Banned or at high risk of contamination with substances that could lead to a positive drug test.


Use within supplement programs:


Should not be used by athletes.





Methylhexanamine (DMAA)

1,3-dimethylybutylamine (DMBA)

Other herbal stimulants

Prohormones and hormone boosters




Other prohormones

Tribulus terrestris and other testosterone boosters

Maca root powder

GH releasers and ‘peptides’

Technically, while these are sometimes sold as supplements (or have been described as such) they are usually unapproved pharmaceutical products.




Glycerol used for re/hyperhydration strategies — banned as a plasma expander

Colostrum - not recommended by WADA due to the inclusion of growth factors in its composition

Notes about updates to Group D:

  • ‘Peptides’ has been added as a new sub-category .
  • The sub-categories are hyperlinked to WADA list to place responsibility on athlete to check for banned substances and to note that items named in the list are examples rather than an exhaustive list.
  • Colostrum and glycerol have been maintained in Group D due to the concerns expressed by WADA.

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