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How do I become a biomechanist, skill acquisition specialist or performance analyst?

Most students learn about biomechanics, skill acquisition and performance analysis through university courses such as:

  • human movement;
  • sport science; and
  • exercise science.

We employ students from various universities in Australia and we encourage high school students to consider the STEM subjects or the sport science type subjects that are increasingly being included as subjects within the physical education curriculum.

Every year, we offer scholarships to science graduates who show an aptitude for sports biomechanics, performance analysis and skill acquisition. Students will typically spend a year with us learning all about AIS Movement Science and working with elite athletes.

These positions are open only to Australian citizens and applications are invited once the positions are advertised on the ASC Jobs website, every year around August/September.

After a postgraduate scholarship, people seek positions at state or territory institutes or academies of sport, in Academia, in sporting organisations or at the AIS if opportunities arise.

The AIS employs senior scientists (biomechanists, performance analysts or skill acquisition specialists) only after they have had years of training and experience and typically after completing a PhD in the area.

Here's a great story on some of the work that's happening in Biomechanics.

  • Post-graduate Scholarship
    Each year post-graduate scholarships are available within AIS Movement Science. The scholarship provides an incredible opportunity to experience Biomechanics, Performance Analysis or Skill Acquisition with a variety of sports at the elite end of the sporting spectrum. Under supervision of AIS Movement Scientists the post graduate scholar develops skills in the use of tools and techniques through activities such as:
  • Using video cameras, 3D motion analysis and other technologies to capture athletic/team performance
  • Using software to code phases of play, track movement, analyse technique
  • Gathering, cleaning and organising data for higher level analyses
  • Work with coaches and other support staff to implement injury prevention and/or skill development solutions
  • Assisting in the development of systems to support coaches and athletes within the daily training environment
  • Daily training environment support to AIS Movement Scientists, coaches and athletes
  • Opportunities to work with other staff in Movement Science on multi-disciplinary projects in the areas of Skill Acquisition, Performance Analysis and Biomechanics

Read the Scholar interview from a Performance Analysis graduate at the AIS.

Sport based PhD Scholarships
AIS Movement Science has a limited number of positions available from time to time for high calibre Australian students who qualify for an APA research scholarship.

Typically the student is based within AIS Movement Science and has a principal academic supervisor from an Australian university and a co-supervisor from AIS Movement Science. The PhD program is a three and a half year agreement and usually involves specialising in an agreed topic with a sport working closely with AIS Movement Science.

A key outcome is for the student to develop a program of research that satisfies the scientific rigor for a PhD thesis plus addresses a key knowledge gap for the sport. These opportunities are advertised on our website and through our University partners as positions become available. In many cases Sport based PhD students have previously been postgraduate scholars in AIS Movement Science.

Jobs at the AIS are advertised on our website and through recruitment websites such as seek and sportspeople.

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