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How Do I Become a Sport Psychologist?

The AIS-preferred model for training to be a sport psychologist (and the only way to actually become an endorsed sport/exercise psychologist in Australia) is to complete undergraduate training studies in psychology with the goal of first becoming registered as a psychologist.

See below for a chart detailing potential pathways to registration. For more details on these pathways, check out this information from the Australian Psychological Society (APS) website .

It's important, when choosing a psychology degree program, to ensure that the course is accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC), as only graduates of APAC-accredited and Psychology Board of Australia-approved courses are eligible to register to practise as a psychologist.

Sport and Exercise Psychology is one of nine areas of psychology practice in Australia that require additional training and supervised practice beyond the undergraduate degree. The standard pathway to obtaining a sport and exercise psychology practice endorsement in Australia is completion of an accredited higher degree (or equivalent overseas qualification) in sport/exercise psychology, followed by a Board approved registrar program. For more information about the specifics of the endorsement process, see the Psychology Board of Australia (PBA) website .

At present, there is one academic program in Sport Psychology in Australia, at the University of Queensland (UQ). For more information about the UQ Sport Psychology Master’s program, see their website.

There are numerous international programs as well, but in order to return to Australia to practice, it is best to confer with the Psychology Board of Australia to understand the process of re-entry with regard to registration and endorsement.

Upon completion of Sport Psychology graduate studies and supervised practice, individuals apply for endorsement as a sport and exercise psychologist. This endorsement allows you to legally call yourself a sport psychologist in Australia.

To find out more about Sport Psychology, listen to these podcasts that delve into some of the thinking and features about this fascinating area in sport.

Pathways to registration as a psychologist
Pathways to registration as a psychologist

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