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Physical Therapies

Physical Therapies at the AIS offers a limited number of postgraduate scholarship, fellowships and graduate placements.

These placements are offered to Australian citizens in a number of disciplines including:

  • Physiology
  • Biomechanics
  • Physiotherapy and Soft Tissue Therapy
  • Psychology
  • Sports Medicine
  • Skill Acquisition and
  • Nutrition.

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 What does it take to be a physio/sports physio?

In terms of formal qualifications, to be legally registered by Australian state registration boards, physiotherapists need to complete a four year undergraduate degree. This involves university-based study, a variety of practical placements and research.

In addition, there are several personal qualities that are necessary to be an effective clinical physiotherapist for example:

  • effective communication skills;
  • the ability to apply problem-solving skills; and
  • empathy.

An APA Sports Physiotherapist is one who has achieved a high level of education, experience and knowledge regarding sports physiotherapy. Universities throughout Australia offer postgraduate courses in Sports Physiotherapy, which are highly regarded internationally. All of the physiotherapists at the AIS (apart from the postgraduate scholar and research fellow) are APA Sports Physiotherapists. There are frequent changes to the evidence base and the understanding of sports injury so Sports Physiotherapists need to keep up-to-date with ongoing education and reading.

What you should do to become a Soft Tissue Therapy (STT)?

Currently the industry standard regarding training for a career in Soft Tissue Therapy involves graduation from a full time two-year course aligned with the National Competencies Standards.

The various institutions running these courses should also be affiliated as a registered training organization (RTO) usually in the form of a state based TAFE College as well as some private colleges.

After graduation the qualified STT should also join one of the major Massage associations throughout Australia usually associated with the training institution.

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