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How do I get into the field of Strength and Conditioning?

All AIS Strength and Conditioning coaches have undertaken university courses in either Exercise Science, Human Movement, Sport Science, Physical education or a related field.

TAFE offers a practical pathway into Strength and Conditioning, but if you want to work as a high level strength and conditioning coach you will need to obtain a university degree during your career.
Apart from academic knowledge, you should have a passion for sport and be willing to obtain practical experience in strength and conditioning. Casual work or volunteering with various sport and recreational organisation is a great way to build your knowledge base as well as giving you that vital experience you need to obtain a professional strength and conditioning job once qualified.
Initial courses that should be the starting point of your career in Strength and Conditioning are the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association's level 1 and level 2 courses. These courses give you the basic knowledge required to develop and implement basic strength and conditioning programs for beginner and intermediate level athletes.

The level 1 Australian Weightlifting and Sports Power license is another desirable qualification. This course provides specific technical instruction on the Olympic Lifts and their variations, which is highly relevant to the field of strength and conditioning.
How do I get a job within AIS Strength and Conditioning?

Jobs within AIS Strength and Conditioning occasionally become available. These positions are advertised on the AIS website as well as in national paper job guides.
What job opportunities exist in Australia for professional Strength and Conditioning coaches?

There are professional Strength and Conditioning coaches within all major football codes (AFL, Union, League, and Soccer) and teams within Australia, as well as within the State Institute, State Academy and Australian Institute of Sport networks. Some national sporting organisations also employ their own Strength and Conditioning coaches, e.g. Tennis.

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